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Round Dining Tables

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Round Kitchen & Dining Room Tables

Having lively conversations with family and friends is one of the best parts of life. Gathering loved ones together around a round dining room table is perfect – everyone can see each other. Whether it has legs or a shapely pedestal base, our round tables are statement pieces. Shop the Bassett line of dining furniture to find the perfect one for your decor.

Or, take advantage of our custom design program and add your own personal flair. With a myriad of finish and color options, you can custom design the round dining table you’ve been dreaming of.

Whichever way you choose to go, you’ll get the three things Bassett is best known for; style, fine construction, and most of all value beyond comparison.

Styles and Uses for Round Tables

Our round tables come in all different colors and finishes. Choose from several different colors ranging from aged bridle to robin's egg for both the tabletop to the legs on many of our designs. You can also from a myriad of finishes for the wood on your round table and chairs to match your room's design.

We also have a wide variety of styles, whether it's a mid-century modern table, farmhouse dining table, rustic dining table, or a contemporary dining table. Match your table with accent chairs to complete the look you've always wanted.

Choose the style that blends in perfectly with your room's design! And don't forget to reach out to one of our design consultants for more advice and information about our luxurious round table designs.

Bench*Made Round Kitchen & Dining Tables

Featuring solid, Appalachian grown maple lumber, your new Bench*Made round table will have guests talking. The Bench*Made line of artisan, handcrafted round tables and dining furniture is made in Bassett, Virginia. Created one piece at a time by expert furniture makers, each round dining table is custom made and finished by hand.

There are no assembly lines anywhere at our Bassett, Virginia workshop. Each piece is made with painstaking attention to detail and to your desired specifications. Wood is sourced from the Appalachian region of the United States and Bassett replenishes what we use, planting two trees for every custom round dining table we sell.

What Sizes Do Round Tables Come In?

The key measurement when looking at round tables is the diameter. As a general rule of thumb, you gain one extra seat for every 6 inches you add to the tabletop's diameter. Beyond that, you need to consider how far apart your seats should be.

For a casual family dining experience, most prefer 24 inches of space between chairs or 2 feet. However, it’s customary for formal dining to have the seats much further apart, at about 2 and a half feet. What’s formal dining? Think about weddings, events, or large parties.

Round Family Dining Room Tables

A 35” to 48” round table can accommodate 5-6 adults

A 54” round table can accommodate up to 6-7 adults

A 60” round table can accommodate up to 8-9 adults

A 72” to 75” round table can accommodate 10-11 adults

Round Formal Dining Tables

A 35” to 48” round table can seat 3-4 adults in a formal setting

A 54” round table can accommodate up to 5-6 adults in a formal setting

A 60” round table can accommodate up to 6-7 adults in a formal setting

A 72” to 75” round table can accommodate 8-9 adults in a formal setting

Why Bassett Furniture?

Find out why Bassett Furniture has been the preeminent name in fine furniture for over 100 years by visiting a Bassett showroom near you. Shop from our extensive collection of round tables, dining and living room furniture, rugs, and more.

Take advantage of the luxurious, artisan workmanship and hand-crafted detail with our Bench*Made line of craftsman-made dining room furniture. At Bassett, your furniture purchase is backed by a century-long reputation for quality and value.

Speak with one of our design specialists today to get started on remodeling your home!

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