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Rectangular Dining Tables

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Rectangle Dining Room Tables Are Perfect for Formal Dining Rooms

Solid hand-planed hardwood and rich, natural finishes characterize our artisan line of Bassett rectangular dining tables. With each unique piece, hand-assembled and finished by one of Bassett’s artisan furniture craftsmen, every dining or accent table is built with extraordinary attention to detail.

Our custom design program empowers you to put your creative hat on. Design a rectangular table that echoes your unique taste and aesthetic. With numerous options and finishes available, you can add your own flair and sensibility to the design of your new dining table and furniture.

Why get a rectangular kitchen or dining room table?

How do you know that a rectangular table is a right shape for your kitchen or dining room? Well, you need to consider more than just your personal shape preference. Rather, think about what will work best for your kitchen or dining room setup.

The most common shape of dining or kitchen tables out there is a rectangle. And that’s not without reason. Firstly, most dining rooms and eat-in kitchen spaces are rectangular. And when it comes to giving everyone a place to sit, some rectangular tables come with leaf inserts which are most commonly used when additional seating is needed (think Thanksgiving). That would be virtually impossible with a round table for instance.

For most, the perfect size of a rectangular table is between 35 to 45 inches wide. This size will accommodate most people’s seating situations, however, depending on the room you may need to go narrower to 30 inches. The size you need is all up to your space. When measuring your space for a rectangular table, take the following into account:

Leave at least 2 feet of elbow room per seat. This is the norm for family-style seating. However, if it’s a formal event 2.5 feet of elbow room is more the norm.

Allow 3 - 4 feet for foot traffic around the table. Any less and you or guests may have a hard time navigating around the table.
Keep at least 1 to 1.5 feet of space between the table and walls, other furniture. This will allow for seating against the wall if required.

Rectangular Solid Wood Tables

You might call it a return to form. Bench*Made custom rectangular tables are crafted by our furniture makers the old fashion way – custom made from scratch. Handcrafted by one of our artisan craftsmen, hand-planed, assembled, and finished right here in America, it’s furniture building with a higher purpose.

Your new table never touches an assembly line. Crafted with meticulous care, our furniture makers make every furniture piece one at a time to your order. Red leaf maple is sourced from the Appalachian region of the United States and resources are replenished as we plant two trees for every one we harvest.

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