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    Our legacy of craftsmanship and style spans more than 115 years. Made with pride since day one.

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Dressers + Chests

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Romantic silhouettes and handcrafted beauty make our collection of dressers and bureaus the envy of the furniture industry. Handcrafted with painstaking attention to detail, our artisan furniture builders take great pride in their ability to create beautiful furniture pieces for you to enjoy for years to come.

Your bedroom dresser has an important place in your room. It must be functional, full of carefree storage, and also be beautiful. The wood grains and rich finishes add a natural harmony to a space where you can get away from it all. Together with the artisan furniture builders at Bassett, you can create a soothing, warm atmosphere to relax and retire for the evening.

How To Pick The Right Size Dresser Or Chest

A chest or dresser is almost essential and unparalleled when it comes to storage space. These pieces come in a range of sizes and shapes, so we’re going to explain some common sizing so you know how to plan for your space.

Average Dresser & Chest Sizes

An average 6 to 9 drawer dresser is commonly around 26” to 45” inches tall, about waist height. The depth of the average dresser depth is 15” to 20” inches, however, depending on the style and features, the depth may run up to 25” inches. As far as width, the average dresser is as wide as it is deep, meaning about 15” to 20” inches. But depending on the use and need can run up to 75” inches.


To find the suitable dresser depth for your space, measure the distance between the wall and the piece of furniture that the dresser will face. Once done, subtract 36" from the measurements you get, and what you get is the correct depth that will allow you to fully open your drawers.

10-15 Inches

15-20 Inches

20-25 Inches


To get the correct width for your dresser or chest, choose the wall or area where you want your piece to live and measure it, allowing a few inches on either side. In case any doors are close to the area you select for your dresser, ensure that there is enough swinging room for the doors without hitting it or causing any complications.

35-40 Inches

40-45 Inches

45-50 Inches

50-55 Inches

55-60 Inches

60-65 Inches

65-70 Inches

70-75 Inches


Regardless of how you want to position your chest or dresser, it is vital to find the right height. To ensure that the area you choose won't be too small or too large to fit, it is critical to measure from the ground to the window sill to determine a good baseline to work from. You wouldn't want a chest or any furniture piece really to be in front of a window. Or, for example, if a dresser is too tall it becomes less functional in terms of top-level storage.

30-35 Inches

35-40 Inches

40-45 Inches

45-50 Inches

50-55 Inches

55-60 Inches 

Custom Build Your Dresser

Come on down to your neighborhood Bassett showroom - and don’t forget to put on your designer’s hat. Our custom design program enables you to choose your own finish and hardware.

At Bassett, you call the shots. Make an appointment to see one of our helpful design consultants to discuss your ideas. Use our easy online appointment booking or stop by a nearby showroom. Let’s create your next, great family heirloom.

Dresser Materials

The type of material you pick for your dresser matters as much as the color, pull knobs, or hardware. Not only does the material you choose have a huge impact on your dresser’s looks, but also, maybe more importantly it changes how your space feels. For example, a metal trimmed dresser in dark wood would have a colder and more modern feel when compared to something like wood or stone which can project a warmer feel.

Faux Shagreen


Solid Hardwood



Dresser Colors

The easiest way to pick a dresser finish while simultaneously creating an amazing living space is to mix and match colors, patterns, and materials. When picking the color or finish for your dresser, consider how it will add the current colors in your space. Don’t be afraid to be bold when picking a finish or color. Oftentimes the best color combinations lie across from each other on the color wheel. If you need help picking a color or finish for your dresser, book your own personal appointment or stop by any local store to see our complete selection of hundreds of designer fabrics, colors, and materials. Whether you need to ask a question or need a complete dream room done right, we’re here to help.










Our Dresser Collections

We carry a range of dresser collections sure to match any style. From Bassett’s MODERN collection with clean lines, luxe accents, and relaxed comfort. To something more natural and traditional like the Bench*Made collection with dressers made with sustainably-sourced timber, classic American finishes, time-tested woodworking techniques all built by hand only when you order it.


Bench*Made Maple

Bench*Made Midtown


Island House





Ventura Colors


American Made Bureaus

Made entirely of solid wood, our Bench*Made bureau is made by our artisan craftsmen right here in Bassett, Virginia. Created from hardwood lumber sourced in the Appalachian Region, Bassett’s Bench*Made dresser is distinctly American and built to last a lifetime.


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