Tro & Alejandra

Tro & Alejandra

Alejandra Nuñez is a Barcelona based photographer and online editor at Vice. Her love for music and dogs led her and her ex-boyfriend to publish in 2009 a fanzine about musicians with dogs called “In dogs we trust”, a 40 full colour pages featuring Damian Abraham (Fucked Up), Jenna Thornhill (Mika Miko), Patrick O’Dell and many more… as you can imagine the fanzine has been a great inspiration for Peludos.

Some years ago you published a fanzine with musicians and dogs. Did the bands bring their dogs to the concerts or how where you able to know about them and their beloved? 

The idea of the fanzine started during a time when my ex boyfriend and I where kind of obsessed with dogs. What inspired us the most for this project were the stories Cali Dewitt/Jenna and Patrick O’Dell were sharing on their blogs about their adopted dogs. The fanzine was more of an excuse to know more about these stories. We were able to interview Jenna and Damian when their bands played in Barcelona and I interviewed Patrick by mail. Unfortunately I haven´t had the pleasure to get to meet the dogs in person.

And who sleeps at your feet?

I guess I should answer “my dog”, haha but in my case he sleeps by my side, as a matter of fact I would say that he sleeps completely glued to me even when the heat is unbearable. There are some people that think I´m crazy for letting the dog get into bed but I always answer that I have probably slept with messier persons.

What made you choose that name?

His name is Tro (it means thunder in catalan) because that was the name he had at the shelter when we adopted him, as this was the name he attended to we couldn´t change it. Sometimes I joke a little calling him “troll”. I would have liked to call him Mamut or John Joseph.

What do you love about Tro and what characterizes him?

What I like about Tro is that he seem to be tailor-made, not only because of his size (both of us have short legs), but because he is pretty lazy which means that I don´t have to take eternal walks with him when I come home from work completely exhausted. I think his more characteristic aspect is that he licks his penis all the time and when I say all the time I really mean ALL THE TIME. Sometimes he gets into a kind of trance from which I have to wake him up.

What do you love doing together? 

As I said, he is a very lazy dog, so our favourite activity is to stay in bed especially during the weekends watching movies. Sometimes I take him in my arms and we dance just for fun. I don´t think he is very fond of it because he doesn´t like heights but I can´t avoid doing it.

What makes him your best friend?

I might sound like a sad and solitary person but I like being home alone, either listening to records, watching movies or reading, and Tro is always there keeping me company, so I guess he is my best friend because he’s the one I spend more time with.

Do you want to dedicate him a song?

Brian Eno´s “I´ll come running (to tie your shoe)”. When I put his records he always falls into a deep sleep. Going through Peludos´ web I have seen that there´s another person who have dedicated an Eno song to his dog.