Silvestrina, Ana & David

Silvestrina, Ana & David


Ok, Peludos´ friends are the best! A super lady called Ana Montesinos from Mexico DF wrote to Peludos saying that she had read Rafafans & Lucas interview and that she got so inspired that she decided to make herself the interview and publish it on her blog. WE LOVE IT! We love the sense of humour and of course, the fact that her pet is adopted!

As music fans as Peludos are, we are also very glad to discover that Ana´s boyfriend David Somellera plays (aerobatics, pilates, agitation) in the fantastic futuristic cumbia band called Sonido Changorama. We are howling like crazy!



Who sleeps at your feet?

Silvestrina, our fake Labrador (although we prefer to refer to her as toy Labrador). She only really pretends to sleep at out feet while we are awake, when she crawls under the bed covers and creeps up to the pillow space between our heads.

What made you choose that name?

I’ve always been really into baroque names, “granny names”, and one day David was reading to me an excerpt from some essay on Mexican traditional medicine and the name suddenly popped up: Silvestrina. We liked it not only because we found it very appropriate for a (b/w)itch name, but because it is the synthesis of the name and surname of two beloved friends, Guillermina and (Adrián) Silvestre.

Regardless of its radness, Silvestrina is quite an uncomfortable name for a dog, and thus we also call her Ñomi (pronounced gnomi, the Spanish equivalent to yummy yummy), a totally improvised pet name which sprouted from our taste for onomatopoeia (and Silvestrina’s gluttony as a puppy).

When did you first meet her?

The aunt of a friend of ours, Marigui, runs a dog refuge in Mexico City, and there was a time when, in order to help her aunt out, she would compulsively post dog photos on her Facebook wall. One day she posted a photo of a cute-but-ugly seal-like dog called Nutella. I found the photo of great distaste and made it my profile picture, and from then on Marigui hounded us until she succeeded in making us adopt the dog.  

What do you love about her? Any hidden talent? Superpower? Strange routine?

We love the fact that she is a survivor. After adopting her I kept having nightmares with dogs the size of a coffee table destroying our scarce possessions, so we would walk her without a leash in the hopes she would scape or someone would kidnap her. However, she quickly learnt to stay close to us at all times and has followed us ever since.

She is also extremely intelligent and has a quasi-simian control over her paws, to the extent we are sure someday soon she will be opening sardine cans for us.

Finally, she is very flirtatious (her green eyes allow for it!), a great pretender and the most pally dog in the park.  

What do you love doing together?

We love to conga dance in the kitchen. There is a lot of love in our home and she will not allow to be excluded.

Silvestrina used to be really submissive and in order to get her off the floor we are teaching her to play hard. This is now one of our favourite activities: grabbing and shoving and biting each other, and going on hunting expeditions around the house and in the Chapultepec Wood.  

Do you want to dedicate Silvestrina a song?

She loves “El Oso Panda de Chapultepec”, by the 80s Mexican children superstar Yuri, and cry whenever we listen to “Angelitos Negros” from the homonymous film starring Pedro Infante.