Guido & Toni

Guido & Toni

Photo by Ico Mateo

Antoni Hervàs is a freelance artist born and raised in Barcelona. He loves drawing which has made him develop a personal style filled with amazing characters, one of Peludos favourites is Grapandmopotheper, an editorial collection he did with his grandmother, who even signed autographs during the presentation. Watch the video!

He has participated in Leyendas de combate (DAFO), Funtstik y Michael Jackson (Mad is Mad), El lugar de los hechos (Sala d’art jove, Barcelona), Doméstica (Barcelona), residence in Hangar (Barcelona), De Zines show (Inéditos 2010, La Casa Encendida, Madrid), La noche de los Libros Mutantes (Madrid). He has also received several awards like Injuve.

Who sleeps at your feet?

Guido, a one year and a half Ibizan Podenco.

What made you choose that name?

Because of Fellini´s 8 and ½. It is Marcello Mastroianni´s name in the movie. There is a scene where all women in his life thow him into the air with the impulse of white sheets while calling him repeatedly and tenderly Guiiiiiiiiidoooooo!!! We thought it was the perfect name for such a Casanova as this handsome male podenco is who some friends found abandoned when he was 4 months old.

He seem to like posing for you, is he your muse sometimes? Or does he draw with you?

As he follows us everywhere and he is so expressive and talkative, we´re always drawing portraits and taking pictures of him. Besides having the studio at home, when I´m working on the floor and get up to see the drawing with some perspective, Guido who is by my side rises as well to see what I´m working on, so he draws with me.

What do you love about him? Any super power?

He is the best acrobat in the hood, he´s like a Ninja. He has also an aerial pirouette that he executes with the help of another dog´s body pushing himself to the air like a slingshot and being able to make one or two pirouettes before hitting the ground. It´s amazing!

Then he has the technique of the ultrasonic fart that shows his disagreement or outrage when we tell him to get off the couch or bed.

What makes him your best friend?

Because he is pure empathy, everybody say we are made for each other. Together we go for any adventure, it can be either sneak us in a medieval castle or fight against the waves to retrieve a trophy, he never pulls back.

Do you want to dedicate him a song?

Hidrogenesse´s cover of Mary Santere´s “El vestir d’en Pascual”.