Buddy, Trotsky & Hugo

Buddy, Trotsky & Hugo


Hugo Sierra paints and makes music on his spare time, he actually plays and sings in two bands: Margrita and Prisma en Llamas. Margarita have probably been playing before 2005 when they published their first single but it wasn´t until 2008 when they recorded their debut album Parque Mágico followed by explota el cuerpo in 2010. Four years ago, Hugo wanted to start a hip hop band that turned out to be Prisma en llamas a beautiful project that doesn´t sound like hip hop at all but still very very nice.

Hugo has been active in Madrid´s underground scene since ever and he´s currently exhibiting his paintings at Kling´s store in c/ Ballesta, 6 Madrid.


Margarita. Explota el cuerpo from Standard/Limited Collective on Vimeo.

Who sleeps at your feet?

Nobody. My bedroom is upstairs and my dogs are too old to go up the stairs.

Then it´s probably better that way. So you have a couple of dogs, what are they called and why did you choose those names?

Well, is pretty simple:
– Buddy: we called him like that because when he was a puppy he was totally black except his feet that were white. So I thought of Buddy Holly dressed in white shoes.
– Trotsky: when my sister saw him she said “Trotsky!”, and we never changed his name.

What do you love about them?

Buddy is a dreamer. Always thinking and looking at the sky. He dreams of getting on a plane and leave the world. And Trotsky tries to say a new word everyday. He also is hyperactive and can’t stop even while he is sleeping.

What do you love doing together?

I love to throw a ball and see them running.

What makes them your best friends?

They know that I need my space, and they need theirs but when I need a caress they know how to do it.

Do you want to dedicate them a song?

Yes: Brian Eno – By this river. I think Buddy would love to listen to it and I’m sure that Trotsky would love to sing along with it in a pink scarf.



Buddy doesn´t seem to like showing his beautiful face