Vampiro & Pete

Vampiro & Pete

Pete Florentini is one of Peludos favourite bloggers. On his blog Gatopoder he shows amazing cat pics. He started it in 2008 and has been feeding it since with incredible content. Pete is a Graphic Designer who just moved from Canada to Perú.



Jerry Hsu


Diango Hernández

What made you start Gatopoder?

Actually it was something spontaneous, I started this blog inspired directly by CATHOLIC  publication and I realized that many things I had been browsing lately, attracted me especially because there were cats, and the gift of a friend who found it in an  abandoned house marked the beginning. My fixation on objects like photography portraying I did for the Production Company Canada also began here.

About the name .. I really don´t know what I was thinking of…

How would you define cats, what is so special about them?

I don´t know what makes them special. To be honest I have the impression that it is something you grow up with. The fact that I like cats is inherited from my environment, my family have always had cats and I have grown up hearing stories about them, both sad and happy. The way they spoke of them, as if they were an uncle or cousin of mine who did this thing or the other.



Nick Tulinen




Aimee Brodeur

And would do you like to dedicate all cats a little tune?
Stars’N’Stripes by Grant Lee Buffalo

And who sleeps at your feet?

My cat Vampiro

What made ??you choose the name?
Since I was a child I have always mistaken bats with vampires. Believe it or not I´m 32 years and I´m still mixing them, so when I saw this black cat with huge fangs I called her Vampire meaning bat, lol.




Roger Ballen


Black Metal Kid And Cats (2012)

What do you love about her? 
I love the way she is, for me she has a certain character, she is not too affectionate she is quite independent and she is not the type that sits on your lap, she prefers to sit beside you to watch TV for example.

What do you love doing together?
Not so much, we just share the apartment.

What makes her your best friend?
That she not too sweet nor persistent.

Do you want to dedicate her a song?
It has nothing to do with cats but I like how it sounds River Cards by Atlas Sound.