Lidia Damunt is a Spanish singer and songrwriter who can also speak Swedish! She started playing with Hello Cuca, a band she founded with her sister Mabel and Alfonso Melero in 1997. She was also running a record label at that time called Rompepistas. In 2008 she published her first solo record En la isla de las bufandas, followed by En el cementerio peligroso in 2009. Her last solo album has come out this year and is called: Vigila el fuego.

Eventhough she currently lives in Sweden, she still have time to play in Spain where she combines big festivals with more intimate concerts in lovely villages by the sea.




Who sleeps at your feet?

My friendly cat, Linus.

What made you choose that name?

There was a band in the 90s called Linus that I used to listen to a lot, that’s where the name comes from. Linus is also a Peanuts character, so I think it´s cool. I don´t like though when people think my cat´s called like operative system Linux -but that only happens in Spain ´cos there´s no such name as “Linus” there, and so it may be confusing.

What do you love about him? Any Strange routine?

I like the fact that he smells like chocolate. I do like his funny little ways, like his obsession with cleanliness. He’s a bit predictable at times and I kind of like that as well.
Sometimes when I play guitar he comes and pats my arm so that I stop playing and pay attention to him. If I talk to him too much, things can get difficult because then he gets a bit overexcited and miaows a lot, like he thinks that he really can talk! He also likes Gourmet soft food, but I don’t give it to him as often as I would like to, because he goes a bit crazy. He gets obsessed with it and wants it all the time. Wakes me up in the middle of the night and won’t stop miaowing… and then he gets tired of it and demands that I buy a different food brand. It´s like some kind of dissatisfaction´spiral he gets in, not good at all. Same when he wants you to pet him and you do it, and then he starts to purr, and right after two minutes he can´t seem to bear it anymore, as if he can’t handle it. He moves away but then he comes back for more… Well, he´s a neurotic.

What do you love doing together? 

Linus loves to watch TV. He likes to lie over my belly when I watch films. We use to share the same chair when I sit in front of the computer. He´s got some special mouse toys that I throw to him and he runs after them like a mad cat. In his dreams he seems to believe he´s the king of the jungle… So sweet.

What makes him your best friend?

We’re both a couple of simpletons, moved by the most ordinary impulses. True soul mates!

Do you want to dedicate Linus a song?

Yes. Alton Ellis’ “Joy in the Morning