Rafafans – Rafa F. is a graphic artist, art director and art curator based in Madrid. He has been all these things for more than 10 years and worked for very different projects, such as editorials, album covers, museography, fashion projects, advertising, fanzines…

“If I were a chair i would be a desk. // If I were an animal i would be a cat. // If I were a box it would be open. // If I were a place it would be in the shadow. // The rest are textres and degraded colors.”


Who sleeps at your feet?

The great Lucas, my cat.

What made you choose that name?

I dreamt I had I child with that name but he appeared first.

What do you love about him? Any hidden talent? Superpower? Strange routine?

He is a cat-dog, it’s easy to love him until the end. In fact his best animal friend is a dog. He has the secret ability to make things disappear, I think he makes them invisible because they disappear forever. He loves the bath and the water, it is the first place to look for him, that and at the neighbour’s house whom he visits via a small balcony. I knew about their relationship three years after he started it. Rascal!

What do you love doing together? 

As he is a cat-dog, he´s always around. I work a lot at home and that makes us pretty stuck with each other, if it was not like this, we would miss each other very much. What we enjoy the most is dancing, with Lucas on my head but just for a while because he is really fat.

What makes him your best friend?

He is more honest than many people you meet along your life. You can only fully understand the sincere love of an animal when you share your life with one.

Do you want to dedicate Lucas a song?

Yes, as a matter of fact, “Ain´t got no, I got life” Nina Simone for whatever might happen.