Emil Isaksson is the founder of Studio Möllan, a music recording studio in Möllevången Malmö. He works there as producer and sound engineer.

Many great bands have recorded here like:

Solander, Vit Päls, This is head, MF/MB, Dipper, Yast… among many others.



Who sleeps at your feet?

My old friend Rasmus. 12yo weiner dog.

What made you choose that name?

I don’t really remember to be honest. I guess I thought it was cute and fitting. It can get complicated though because by now I have friends and clients whos name is Rasmus.

What do you love about him? Any hidden talent? Superpower? Strange routine?

Well, he’s my old friend for starters. We are pretty much synced in our routines and I like having him around. Talents? Not really, but he can crawl in under the bed sheets and out again without messing up the bed. That might qualify as talent, superpower and strange routine?

What do you love doing together? 

I like walking and he likes sniffing stuff for AGES. You can’t walk him if you’re in a hurry. He also seems to like watching TV with me.

What makes him your best friend?

To be honest I have human friends that I’d rather consider best friends but he’s been around for almost as long as I can remember so maybee…  I can’t imagine spending my days without him and he puts a smile on my face every day.

Do you want to dedicate Rasmus a song?

“My Buddy” by Chet Baker from the album Chet Baker Sings.