Dennis Lood is the owner of Rundgång, Malmö´s finest record store.

Here, you’ll find a wide range of new and second hand vinyl, as well as CD’s but even rare books, merch t-shirts, cult-DVD’s and magazines.

It´s the only store in Malmö specialized in new vinyl! It also shares space with the clothing shop Bergelin.

Rundgång is even a club and concert promoter.


Who sleeps at your feet?

Chillie, me and my girlfriend Annas little dog. Chillie is a mixture of Chihuahua and Tibetan Spaniel.

What made you choose the name Chillie?

We didn’t choose the name, we adopted her from a family who didn’t have the time she needs.

What do you love about Chillie? Any hidden talent? Superpower? Strange routine?

She’s the cutest and funniest dog I have ever met. She’s really smart too, learning new words and tricks all the time and we can never sneak behind her back because she always knows what’s going on. She’s very nice with other dogs too but if they are too close to our home, she doesn’t like them. She is very protective and alarms us as soon something is wrong, like a little police dog.

What do you like doing together? 

Eating breakfast, sleeping in my lap, playing with her toys, her favourite toy is a ball, that she wants us to throw and catch everyday. Taking long walks to the dog beach (but she doesn’t like to swim) and driving to the countryside in the car, she loves the car drives! She also likes to hang out with me in the record store and charm my customers.

What makes Chillie your best friend?

She’s just the best and I love her. If you have the time, space and opportunity, get a dog!

Do you want to dedicate Chillie a song?

Yes, we use to sing it like this “Chillson meet the Chillson, she’s a yabba dabba dab-ba dog!”